Have you ever made a coloring book for kids?

I am looking ot make a coloring book for kids for our outreach program. Is this the type of program i am looking for to create one. 

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poofrabbit5 years ago
Yes, I have. I hand draw the pictures and photocopy them, then upload them into a file and make a PDF. You can then print them off or use a binding machine. Send me a private message I might be able to help you with some images (happy to help out a kids program for free)
rickharris5 years ago
Picassa - free from google - Allows you to make a photograph[h into a B/W pencil like drawing.

take your own photographs of simple objects.
Even the easiest Microsoft Paint® allows anyone to save pictures in black and white.
Kiteman5 years ago
Google is your friend! There are thousands of colouring-book images out there, many of them freely available for non-commercial purposes such as yours.

Search for colouring pages or coloring pages to start off with, then start narrowing your search by the themes you want to use, such as robots.
I saw a website that demonstrated how to do it with photoshop or equivalent