Have you ever touched your tongue to a 9 volt battery?

 what happened? How did it feel? Is it safe?

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iPodGuy7 years ago
I'm warped from doing it so long.  I can't hold a 9v without licking it.
20west iPodGuy5 years ago
How are you warped? How often do you lick them?
CeCeC 20west2 years ago


Seriously dude? You must be so fun at parties.... can you not understand sarcasm or humor? Did you know that the word gullible isn't even in the dictionary?

AndyGadget7 years ago
Yep, dozens and dozens of times.
Try sitting in a totally dark room for a while to accustom your eyes, then look in a mirror as you touch the battery to your tongue.  If you're lucky you might see your eyes light up slightly.
Your eyes won't light up because going through the saliva is the easiest path for the electrons. Then why would the take all the hassle to go through your eyes?
Hey Andy!
How often do you do this?
Slowpoke7 years ago
Quickest way to see if the battery has any juice left in it. It tastes sour. Depending on the state of the battery the level of sourness changes. A near flat battery has almost no taste where-as a full battery tastes dreadful. It can be painful but it is relatively harmless. You certainly wont leave the battery in contact with you tongue for long. In saying that it is harmless is actually wrong. It is a DC source, and this can cause electrolysis of the battery terminals and react with your tongue and saliva. The resulting chemical mess may be harmful, not to mention damaging your tongue. There appears to be some rumours on the 'net that some people have died from doing the 9 volt battery taste. This is most likely an urban myth, however there may be an element of truth in this. But it is doubtful. For most of the population of the planet, they can all enjoy the experience (assuming that they can get a battery in the first place, not everyone can) of regretting the tasting a 9 volt battery.
I do this as a voltage test quite often. Only because I'm too lazy to find my battery tester.
Jayefuu7 years ago
I did it when I was little, my friend told me it tasted like lemonade. It did a bit.....
Grathio7 years ago
This is actually the very first experiment in the Make: Electronics book.

It's perfectly safe, as long as it's only 9v.  Do not lick a car battery.  Or most other parts of a car.
framistan7 years ago
Never lick a 9volt battery.  You don't know who licked it before you did.
jeff-o7 years ago
No, but I got 120V across my finger once.  It hurt.  It wasn't safe.

But yeah, go nuts with the 9V battery.  It won't do any permanent damage.
paganwonder7 years ago
If you put a 9 volt in your pocket with some coins you will get a hot surprise!
Been there, done that. Not pleasant to wake up to.
Acepilot427 years ago
this is a very weird question. it is not really safe because you are putting acid in your mouth. my tongue stung, and it tasted sour, but when you remove the battery you dont taste anything.
You're not either putting acid in your mouth. You're giving yourself a _very_ mild electric shock.
lemonie7 years ago
Yes, like electricity going through your tongue (a bit "metallic), I'm still alive.
You won't cause yourself much harm, try it.

Yes, I have. It's a safe, quick and easy way to see if there's any charge left in them. A fully charged one gives an unpleasant sourish twinge on your tongue. The twinge gets less unpleasant as the charge gets lower. After a while, you become able to estimate the remaining charge on a battery fairly accurately.
orksecurity7 years ago
People have been doing this ever since 9V batteries were created. It's stupid, but harmless.