Having trouble?

I was able to get the LED to blink, then I moved on to the next project and I don't seem to be getting online with the board. I get this warning message at the bottom of the sketch,

WARNING: Spurious .tests folder in 'Adafruit IO Arduino' library

Does anyone have any suggestions?

bekathwia8 months ago

It's likely your wifi or AIO credentials, double check all four of those variables for typos.

In the software lesson is a basic internet test (removing AIO from the puzzle), are you able to get that working? https://www.instructables.com/lesson/Software-Setu...

kid347 bekathwia8 months ago

yes I get the basic program to work.

bekathwia kid3478 months ago

ok great, have you followed all the Adafruit IO steps to create an account and feed, and is your login, pw, and feed name the same in your browser and Arduino code?

Kid3471 (author) 8 months ago

I rolled back a version of the libary and then updated, the error is now gone. But I still can't connect, the serial monitor is showing " connecting to Ardafruit IO ". But that is all I get.