Headphone Amp speaker impedance

The headphone amp I built awhile back is working pretty good, but recently I saw something about matching speakers impedance to the circuits impedance or something like that. IDK. Is there something you have to do to regulate the output to "match" your speakers. A google search brought up something about a peak resonance....

Impedance matching is only important if you have a high output impedance. If its very low, maximum power transfer occurs.

In amplifier circuits, the output impedance IS very low.

rickharris6 years ago
Matching the impedance (the resistance to AC current - more or less) will allow maximum power transfer.

It;s a bit like joining 2 hoses together you get the best water transfer if the hoses are similar sizes.

Many small amps - you don't show your circuit are made to interface with low impedance headphones 4 to 8 ohms is typical.

Your not likely to gain very much if your system is working at present.