Headphone started Peeling, any ideas?

I have a SONY MDR-ZX600 Headphone which started peeling off at the ear pad and head rest area. I called the service and they wudnt replace it and i dunt want to buy new ones 'cause i wud face the same prob later. Is ther any idea to fix this and make it aestheticly pleasing? 


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Common problem across most headphones. All that is pealing off is the vary thin coating of fake leather polish they apply to the pads to make it look like leather. Loosing it doesn't affect the comfort level of the headset. My MDR-XD200s have the same problem as do all headphones with fake leather pads. I've just started to peal the coating completely off so the headphones don't look all torn up. The cloth backing of that fake leather doesn't look bad at all.

W I N G M A N (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

one of my friend did d very same thing, peeling it completely. But soon the sponge started cracking and since it absorbs sweat directly, became smelly too! :(

No matter if you cover them or replace them they will wear out. Covering them will reduce the comfort level. Any cloth you use will have the same problem as the exposed pad. Unless you can make it removable and washable. Then you have the problem of them not staying on the headphones vary well. Over time things wear out and they have to be replaced.

jjrbus9 months ago

Sony replacement covers from Amazon do not fit and new covers from Sony are $43! A pair of nylons and 2 rubber bands. Black rubber bands or maybe double faced tape maybe. Any suggestions appreciated, I am all ears : )

cgpretty9 months ago

you'll need to copy and paste that link into your search bar

ravim571 year ago

saw this video, they use velvet clothing - https://vimeo.com/24141230

W I N G M A N (author) 3 years ago

Looks like this! :(


Try www.easyguardhp.com They cover the ear piece to prevent sweat.

Be very careful with those headphones. Mine turned out like this. Now i cant take it outside with my iPod. But these sounds great, i still use it in my home. #MDRZX600


Try www.easyguardhp.com They cover the ear piece to prevent sweat.

Putting the words "fabric" and "headphones" returns some interesting instructables, um, here:


Same as W I N G M A N !

Try www.easyguardhp.com They cover the ear piece to prevent sweat.

W I N G M A N (author)  Jack A Lopez3 years ago

Yup it DID! Got an Instructable dat might just help me out! I'll try this out for sure!


Try www.easyguardhp.com They cover the ear piece to prevent sweat.

petercd3 years ago

Those pleather ear pads are always going to wear like that, patchy. It was one of the reasons why I chose the sennheiser hd419's with the plush material.

1st option would be to find replacement ear pads.

2nd try some sort of diy covering.

I would'nt try glueing anything over the old material, it wont feel the same, most likely be harder and uncomfortable

W I N G M A N (author)  petercd3 years ago

Replacement pads arent an option since they might start peeling again. Maybe i'll try to cover it up or something.

Thanks! :D