Hello Can anyone help and instruct me how can I record my old VHS tapes in to DVDs.

I need to store, keep all my old vhs movies and personnal records, in to cd or dvd, what do I need in hardware or software (free)  ;-)
What it's the way to do it, please a Instructable it will be must appreciated. Tks

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orksecurity6 years ago
As selujtje says: You'll need video capture hardware for your PC. These are available both as USB-attached devices and as boards that plug into the motherboard (if you have a desktop-style machine with bus slots). They will come with software to drive them. (Sometimes that hardware and software can also act as a DVR, which can be useful if you don't already have one.)

If you look under "related" at the right side of this page you'll see at least one existing Instructable on this topic.

Reminder: While "backing up" commercial VHS tapes to DVD for personal use is legal, it is *only* legal as long as the two don't become separated. That is, if you give or sell the DVD copy to anyone else you MUST also give them the tape; otherwise you're violating copyright.
virefi (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
Thank you for your information, apreciated
They are my personal videos, family, sport etc. :-)
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lemonie6 years ago
virefi (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Hello Lemonie
Thank you very much for your help
That's what I want.
I'm starting to do the same.
After I post the finall result
You can also just connect the VCR up to the DVD recorder, and get it to record as the tape plays, although you'll have to wait for the tapes to play through.
virefi (author)  The Skinnerz6 years ago
Thank You Skinnerz
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selujtje6 years ago
you'll need a scart, composite or s-video input on your PC, if you don't I think this http://www.dealextreme.com/p/easycap-usb-video-capture-adapter-5707 is the cheapest place to buy it but onlyi f you are patient because it takes about 3weeks to arrive.I think the software is sent along with the thingy
virefi (author)  selujtje6 years ago
Thank You Selujtje
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