Hello i have windows 7 but i want to try windows 8

I have 2 hdds and i have windows 7 but i really want to try windows 8 i have saw my dad try it look ok but it took him ages to do it so how can i duel boot fast and easily 

frollard5 years ago
You need to get your hands on a dev preview or demo install; being that it's not out yet.

Installing it either from disc media or usb will result in the installer asking you if you want to dual boot or overwrite the existing operating system. Since its still preview stage; install on your 2nd drive and it should include a boot menu to choose...leaving your regular drive intact.

Back everything up BEFORE installing.
I searched 'download windows 8 beta' in google...


is the 3rd link.

It lets you download...the windows ...8....beta. (See what I did there?)
christopher3 (author)  frollard5 years ago
doesn't matter i ask my dad he said don't bother he had to delete win7 to get it to work ok so i will wait till it comes out.
christopher3 (author)  frollard5 years ago
the problem is my DVD drive is crap it wont let me back up to CD any idea if i can back it up somewhere else