Help How do you add notes to an ipod nano How do you add notes to your ipod?

Everytime I add notes on my ipod and click on them it does not give me what I wrote it gives me one word in Chinese or Japanesse I can't tell.

Ria Hawk8 years ago
Honestly, the only way I've ever done it was to create a .txt file with my notes, then import it over to the ipod like it was a jump drive. I haven't had a problem with the importing thing, thought there's a file size/character limit; the note will truncate if it exceeds it. If you're doing the .txt file thing, the only thing I can think of is to make sure it's not a rich text document, because that can screw stuff up. You want just plain ASCII text.
EmmettCullenrocks (author)  Ria Hawk8 years ago
tthx try out il divo they are amazing
EmmettCullenrocks (author) 8 years ago
Thanks. I tryed it. It works.