Help! Missing Email after running compress folders in Outlook Express?

Running Outlook Express in Windows XP Pro.
Email was in my Inbox.
Ran compress folders.
Email now missing from my Inbox.

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In that case the compress took out more than it should and you may

have a backup of the folders in your recycle bin so worth looking in
there. To replace these backups in the original OE folder you'll need
to enable viewing of hidden files and also don't delete the OE Inbox
file, rename it before restoring the one from the recycle bin and then
renaming it as a .dbx file instead of .bak.

If doesn't help look at the answer here:

Or you can use third party softwares to try repairing the file:

Outlook Express Repair Kit. A power-packed Microsoft Outlook Express repair tool offering record efficiency, accuracy of recovery and full automation of the recovery process.

For more information:

Vyger2 years ago

The canned spam answer will be along any time now.

iceng Vyger2 years ago

If it does, then we does

bust this as we must.

iceng2 years ago

Try downloading from your server.

Don't ever use outlook express !

Today is the lowest day to buy an extra 30gig HD for under $45 and never think of email compression again.

Love, Joy, Health, Peace and
Time to Savor each in abundance !

Another XP user....

iceng iceng2 years ago

I mean install a second HD in your XP.