Help Transferring Notes From Old iPhone to New iPhone.?

Just got the latest New iPhone, the phone co. transferred my phone directory and my service from the Old iPhone.
But I have lots of notes that I don't want to re-type in!
Anybody have experience with this ?

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gnatquill6 years ago
This is the UK/o2 method (which I'm pretty sure will work on all networks in all countries) :

Plug your old phone into itunes and right click on the name of the phone and click back up. Once that's done plug the new phone in and right click on the name of the phone then click restore. This should transfer all your stuff, if it doesn't you'll have to reconfigure itunes to do it but if that's the case, post again and I'll try to help.
iceng (author)  gnatquill6 years ago
Thanks, I have iTunes, try it soon. Alex...
wAmjok4 years ago

Generally ,you have to do this via  iTunes on PC or Mac.

Just connect your old iphone to iTunes and backup your notes,then connect the new one to iTunes and sync the content to it.

But sometimes it would be knotty to use iTunes to sync content because the operation is a little complicated for some people.So I always use other simple methods to transfer.
If you have the same feeling like me,you can try this tutorial of How to transer or backup iPhone contents to PC or How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac if you are a Mac user.
If you want transfer notes from old iPhone to new iPhone, you can do it with iTunes Backup Manager export/import feature.
Actually you can transfer files from iPhone to iPhone directly.
- Connect two Devices to PC.
- Choose the category list of one device that you need to export files.
- Check the files that need to export in the Content Panel and click "Transfer file(s) from device to device" button.
- All the checked files from one device can be transferred to the other one.
Rompuy5 years ago
Ever since the iCloud came out, it is recommended that you simply use the iCloud in order to transfer iPhone notes.

iceng (author)  Rompuy5 years ago

When recently I got my iPad  the cloud made me aware of fog :-)