Help deciding what is better for a project I am doing with a 1900 LEDs. 1 big circuit or lots of smaller ones?

Hi folks, Long time reader and first time poster.

I have 1900 LEDs and 1900 CR2032 3 V batteries left after some recent throwie / stickie / fun but I am now thinking about doing something a little more with them.

Thinking of doing some art installations with LEDs as a feature. Anyone know of the best way to wire up a simple circuit for these 1900 LEDS. Wanting them to last about 3 - 4 days.

I know a throwie will last about 4 days, sometimes more with these batteries and LEDs.

Is it a simple case of having to solder 1900 circuits?

or go for something like 190 circuits with 10 LEDs and a battery pack of 10 3v batteries. From my understanding that will blow the LEDs if the V differential is greater than about 8Vs.

This should be ok when setting the LEDs in series though?

10 X 3v batteries giving 30Vs

30v - 28.3v = 1.7v

(where the 28.3 is made up of Yellow X 2, Green X3, White X 2, Blue X 3)

0.2 amps needed, should be supplied by the 10 batteries easily and should last over 4 days.

Baring this in mind is it worth my while picking up some resistors for the circuits? Last did serious electronics and physics about 11 years ago but I guess im bright enough and have the basics.?

I have

200 Red needing about 1.7 volts
500 Yellow needing about 2.1 volts
500 Green needing about 2.2 volts
500 White needing about 3.5 volts ??
200 Blue needing about 3.5 volts

I would like all the LEDs to turn off and on together preferably when it gets darker to maximise the effect of the lighting. Going to use something like a LDR for that so I would prefer 1 larger circuit but I guess multiple circuits is also possible.

Any help, comments, corrections and belittling gladly welcomed.

Thanks very much,

Dr Lego

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Yonatan242 years ago

LED Light Panel (for photography)

Yonatan242 years ago

Make an LED cube

Bigev8 years ago
Holy crap... 1900 LEDs... Make a light wall. Yes. A wall made of LEDs. 2m X 2m wall
DrLego (author)  Bigev8 years ago
We have a design in mind. Its going to be a kind of light stencil, using the LEDs to make the outline of shapes like hands and other things. You got a idea of how the LED wall would work? circuit wise? Thanks Dr Lego
Bigev DrLego8 years ago
Um, large blocks of LEDs in parallel connected to a single mains, transformed, rectified power supply. There's still math to be done.
DrLego (author)  Bigev8 years ago
No mains supply where this is going to be set up or if there is it has not been offered to me and it might be beyond my skills to make that kind of set up. Thanks for the suggestion though. Will look around the see whats involved.
Possibly put them all in parallel, So then you can just have one big battery to replace/recharge than 1900 smaller ones...
DrLego (author)  thermoelectric8 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion, Im thinking that having 190 smaller circuits would mean that I dont have to replace the batteries, its a temp installation. Only over 4 days so assuming the inclusion of a LDR I think they will only shine for 12 - 16 hours a day over 4 days. A master on off switch might be nice too to kill the installation after 5am when it wont be watched. With parrallel I will need resistors for sure? right?
I am always leery of LEDs running without current limiting. Try it, and monitor the current. Steve