Help finding TOTX142L and TORX142L TOSLINK connectors?

I'm working on an audio project that uses optical inputs and outputs.  The components I really need to get the most out of this project are two 25Mbps TOSLINK connectors: TOTX142L (transmitter) and TORX142L (receiver).  Unfortunately, both are discontinued and I'm having a heck of a time finding either old stock or a comparable replacement!  I've tried all the major distributors (Digikey, mouser, etc) and have even sent out RFQs (request for quote) to various old-stock warehouses in the USA and abroad.  I've got a small lead on the receiver but the transmitter remains elusive.

What really confuses me is the fact that there are still consumer products being manufactured today that use a device of this class, so where are these guys getting their parts??

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seal418 years ago
Toshiba actually discontinued the TORX142L and TOTX142L but modified their TORX147s (stock is 15Mb) to be 25Mb.  You have to order TORX147L(25M,F,T) and TOTX147L(25M,F,T), but they have a standard lead time of 8-10 wks and 500 MOQ.  There is also available in a mini shutter TORX147PL(25M,F,T) and TOTX147PL(25M,F,T) but the footprint is slightly different.  You may be able to find some smaller stock of those though because more people use them.
nevdull8 years ago
jeff-o (author)  nevdull8 years ago
Sadly, these all have a different connector type.  I need ones with the rectangular push-in connector, not a round screw-on.

Thanks, though!
nevdull nevdull8 years ago
p.s. and these are in stock.  don't you hate getting excited seeing 15 pages of results and 14 pages are obsolete/out of stock/etc? heh ;)
jeff-o (author) 8 years ago
I would if I could.  But the key here is that 25Mbps TOSLINK connectors don't seem to be available anywhere, in any package, from any manufacturer!

Well, thanks for your help anyway.  I may just have to concede to using 15Mbps devices.
jeff-o (author) 8 years ago
Ah, but who is manufacturing these devices?  Toshiba sure isn't; in their end-of-life notice they mention they're completely scrapping the process to make these.  If only I knew I might be able to track them down.

Thanks for the link.  I used that same service to help find the TORX and got one response, though I haven't acted on it yet...