Help finding an old flash game?

Hey, Its been a while since I played this game but I hope one of you will be able to find it.

From what I remember, its was an old, flash based game, online, centered around drag racing. You could race in different events against different cars, and if I remember correctly you could also bet in it (no real money involved).

Is was an early form of 3D, and not 8 bit (so not streetrod, but along the same lines). I remember being able to upgrade the car, and peing pinkslipped multiple times. I think the name started with a B.

If someone knew what this is it would be awesome, been looking for it for around 3 years..

Ian014 years ago
Maybe Street Racing by Zynga? It's no longer available, unfortunately. I remember playing a game that matched some of your description on Facebook years ago, so I searched for "zynga racing game" and found that. I think it might have been a different game that I played, but I couldn't find it in my Facebook apps list. The one I played was side-view, though, and it didn't have venues. You could try asking here; they're pretty good at finding stuff.
canucksgirl5 years ago
Was it called Big Time Racing?

It's a 3D Flash, auto racing game that allows you to bet with "virtual" money....

*link didn't work the first time... and you'll have to wait for the Ad...
Drag Racer V3?
This isn't exactly 3D, so it may not be what you're looking for, but this was a popular game.
astroboy907 (author)  Awesome-aniac5 years ago
Sorry, dont think thats it. I just realized how many drag racing games were out there.

I do remember it was not really 3D, just a view of the back of the car, and scenery coming towards you (not a side or isometric view). I also remember chinatown being one of the venues.