Help horrible EXtreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme lag on pc ?

please help my friend pc in totally extreme lag and low fps on any game even simple flash game " happy wheels" fps average is between 5 and 2 fps and before 2 months the pc was normal and good speed for example AVA the game was 20 fps and his computer have:
processor : pentium 4 (3GHz)
graphic card : Intel® G41 Express Chipset
ram : 4 GB kingston
hard 500 GB 390 used
 please i need help

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How hot is the CPU running?, if it's in the 75C + range than the chip is slowing itself down to prevent damage. Clean out the dust inside the case including all fans and vents, and re seat the CPU cooling fan using a high quality thermal paste.
Good Luck

bwrussell4 years ago
Yeah, it's time to buy/build a new computer, and that means a new motherboard. 21 fps is not a good frame rate, it's hardly acceptable, so paying any money patching up this old system is a waste.
He should really go all new. Motherboard, CPU, PSU, RAM, get a discreet graphics card, new hard drive, or a SSD maybe just for windows or just for games (but not both on the same one).
oibrahime (author)  bwrussell4 years ago
sorry but you don't understand what i meant my friend is saving for new high performance pc so he wouldn't waste any money and even buying simple graphic card won't make change because his motherboard is GB G41 won't support any good graphic card but my question was : what is the problem on this pc i just want to know everything got lag even google chrome thanks for your trying to help me
If he really has completely reformatted his hdd without it fixing it then something is physically broken or maybe overheating. He should check the ram and redo the thermal paste on the cpu.
rickharris4 years ago
IF the PC was working a few months ago then something has happened since then.

1. There is a software issue that should be solvable by clearing the HD - reloading windows. Only put back on those things that you need and one at a time testing to see if speed is still OK. When it drops you have identified the problem

2. A hardware issue: RAM, The processor, The hard drive, the video card or a peripheral dragging the system down.

Disconnect everything you can and test what you can't disconnect. Again replace things one at a time to see where the fail point is.
Is that a plain P4 or is it a Pentium D? If it's a P$ then no wonder your friend is having problems.

For one the graphics card isn't up to the minimum requirements of AVA and neither is the CPU if it's a single core CPU. Secondly flash games require a lot from the CPU and RAM. So if that is a single core CPU it's no match for today's flash games. That's a low end system from 5 years ago. Couldn't really be considered a gaming system even back in 2008.

If your friend want better performance in games then he needs to get a new computer.
oibrahime (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
i know it is low but the problem is what happen to the computer all games he got (50+) all lag and most of it low requirement he need to solve it before he got the new pc
Check the task manager. See if there are any processes eating up the CPU or RAM. If something is using up the RAM or CPU then there is a big problem. Possibly a memory leak or a virus. Check that he has the lasted software and updates.

If all checks out there then start running hardware checks. Test the RAM see if a dimm is faulty or not. Check the HDD. Is it full or nearly full? When was the last time the HDD was defragged?

When was the last time he reinstalled Windows. XP has this nasty habit of building up excess junk and slowing down over time. Not to mention the buildup of files on the HDD that are no longer needed. Even if you properly uninstall software and do frequent disk cleanups there is still a bunch of leftovers from old software that can get in the way. A clean wipe of the HDD and reinstall of windows always results in a faster PC. Especially faster boot times. Just be sure to back up any important files first.
oibrahime (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
*he reinstalled win 5 times and removed all programs on c
*used all kind disk defragged and boost program ( tunup,advance care other)
*all services are stopped except system and closed all processes except win Explore,winlogon,appmanager
*tried win xp,win 7,win 8 same speed
this same speed made me made because i don't know the problem and i can't even upgrade it he can't because his motherboard don't support AMD or NVIDIA and core 2 duo or i3 won't help without good graphic card
Get a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD. From there you can run tests on the RAM to make sure it's not failing. Then run a check on the HDD to ensure it doesn't have failing sectors. If there are still problems then the CPU could be going bad. Not very likely but can be an issue. Another possible issue is the PSU. After about 5 years the capacitors in the PSU start to dry out and the whole unit can be slowly dying. PSUs go one of 2 ways. They go slowly cause problems that look like any number of other components are to blame or they die hard taking much of the system with them. Now days they have protection to prevent the hard fails.

Putting a better video card can be an option but chances are the PSU can't support the added power needed for the card. RAM can be replaced and so can the CPU. Even if you can't get a better CPU or RAM you can still keep the system alive. But as you already know it really isn't worth trying to salvage or upgrade. Unless you can get the parts for free.