Help identify this tool? Lathe turning woodworking tool?

Can someone please help me identify this tool? I believe it is a tool for wood turning possibly.
Wheel is approx 3-1/8" diameter. Length of tool is approx 17" from butt to wheel shaft. Wheel has small, flat cut teeth. Parts appear to be steel and brass. There are no mfgr stamps or hallmarks.

Picture of Help identify this tool? Lathe turning woodworking tool?
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There is only one industry that I found that used wheels of this magnitude, bookbinding. For its cousins, Google Antique Bookbinding Gilding Wheels

onrust1 year ago

It looks like a tool for putting the bead in a screen window to hold the screen in place.

pizza cutter :)

That's exactly what I thought!

iceng1 year ago

It has no easy guide to serrate paper but a leather embosser like horse saddle.

stephenj007 (author)  iceng1 year ago

Great info! Thanks for helping!

+1 saddle makers wheel.

stephenj007 (author)  Josehf Murchison1 year ago

Thanks, so is it used to mark a cutting pattern on leather?

Dear Stephen,

I DID say emboss....

stephenj007 (author)  iceng1 year ago

Yes, your information is much appreciated also. Looks like we're all in agreement here! Thanks!

I think that one is to mark the stitch line but yes it is for marking leather without cutting it.

petercd1 year ago

Its not a lathe tool.

Its for making serrations in paper to make tearing off along a line easier.