Help identifying a transformer?

Hey I just moved my JVC JX-S700 into my new media center, and now it wont power up.

Opened it up, and the transformer doesn't seem to be putting off any voltage on the output.

I have approximately 1 ohm between the 3 outputs.  So I thought that was likely to be the issue, is there anything I should do to make sure that's the problem spot?

Is there another fix for this besides replacing the transformer?

And if I have to replace the transformer, can anyone help me identify it?

Thanks Crew!

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iceng5 years ago
3 ohms DC is normal for a split voltage transformer output.
I would not mark that a failure.
No output voltage is more likely a primary ( input ) fuse some where.
Can you provide a two photos of the front and rear views like the sample.

And a simple transformer testing setup for coltage...

iceng iceng5 years ago
And a simple transformer testing setup for coltage voltage...
Cold Shoulder Media (author)  iceng5 years ago
Here are the other pictures. When I tried that setup, the bulb didn't light, and I got no output voltage.
Then sorry to say, your primary winding is dead
iceng iceng5 years ago
Reading your pics I would guess the output to be a split 12 VAC
or a center tapped 24VAC transformer.
Cold Shoulder Media (author)  iceng5 years ago
Any way we can get you to be a tad more confident on that one?
My clues are the the 24FO69HD, the red-black-red secondary, the
separation of the primary / secondary coils and the RU Underwriter's 
Laboratory symbol mostly used for US manufacturer of transformers.

The search of the text didn't hit any Google responses.

If you have the inclination search Triad, and Stancore transformers
for any match and then Allied, Digykey and Newark distributers.
It could be Radio Shack but looks too well built for that.

lemonie5 years ago
doesn't seem to be putting off any voltage on the output.
-What about the input, have you checked that in any way?

Cold Shoulder Media (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Well, the input doesn't have continuity or and ohm result with a meter.

what else should I look for?