Help making a USBasp with atmega 328P?

I recently got hold of a couple spare arduinos wich all had their FTDI chip burned out (not on purpouse of course) by students.
The Atmega 328p chips still work though, and I was wondering if it was possible to make a USBasp with such a chip (the only schematic I saw used an atmega 8 or atmega 88 , schematic below), and if it is, is it the same schematic as below?

Also, what program would it need to work? ( I have a working arduino I can use to program the chip first, then put it in the circuit)

PS: yes I know I could use an arduino uno board and just switch out the chips when I need to re-program them, but that's not the point.

Picture of Help making a USBasp with atmega 328P?
geekrex2 years ago

There are two way you can do this
1. By using arduino as ISP

2: Using a Usbasp Bootloader

Just match the pins. Not by pin number mind you but by pin function. If all you need to do is connect them for programming then make a programmer for the chips. After that do you still need a USB conenction?