Help me identify this spider?

OK so, tonight I was getting out of the shower when I saw what looked like a little bit of red string dangling in the air. I inspected closer and found out it was some kind of spider! It kinda just dangled there on what seemed like one thread of web from the ceiling about 1-2 feet from the floor. After blowing on it to conjure some sort of reaction, nothing happened. It just slowly swung without moving. So seeing as it was dead, I grabbed the stand of web a small distance ahead of it and dropped it into the sink. As soon as it touched the sink, it sprang to life being the sissy I am I filled the sink with water and let it be sucked into its watery grave.

Here's my description, I'll post pics tomorrow.
It was a deep red color, I'd say almost burgundy.
I found it in my bathroom in Phoenix, Arizona
As for it's size, I'd say it was relatively small, maybe the size of a nickel at the largest.
Remembering back from learning about insects in fourth grade, because it was a reddish color I deducted it could be venomous, but I doubt it.

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Re-design7 years ago
Looks like a common garden spider to me.

It isn't poisonous unless it an import.

The US has only two spiders that are really dangerous.  The black widow and the Brown Recluse.  Even the black widow is seldom fatal.

There are other spiders that will bite but their poison is not harmful to humans except as an allergic reaction which is rare.

Fizzxwizz (author)  Re-design7 years ago
I'm not sure that it would be a garden spider because I found it in a second story bathroom, I don't have a garden, and I live in the middle of the desert.
Garden spider is just a name, not a location. They can be found in many other places. THere are several thousand types of spiders maybe more so it's kinda hard to identify all of them every time. Keep looking.
Fizzxwizz (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Thanks, this will help!
Ekzile7 years ago
The name for it is actually a Running Spider and they come in different colors and red is one of them and yes they are poisonous but only to a degree. Their bite is like that of a normal house spider so you have nothing to worry about we have them here on the west coast too.
Fizzxwizz (author)  Ekzile7 years ago
Thank you for replying but I'm not sure that's it, I looked up running spider and it was described as a type of spider that does not build webs, while the one in the photos I took ( nearly impossible to see.) was hanging from a web.
Ekzile7 years ago
For someone to answer or odd but intriguing question they also need to know what EXACTLY it looked like. Long legs, big/small bosom, color splashed or not, is it just red or did it have other colors on it if you can give out the information then you will get your answer probably pretty quick.
Fizzxwizz (author)  Ekzile7 years ago
yeah sorry bout that, the pictures I took are pretty crappy as they're from my phone but I'll upload them right now.