Help me in making mini CELL PHONE JAMMER?

I want to make a GSM cell phone jammer. pocket sized jammer... range 2-3metres is acceptable.
Can any body help me???
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wainting for your smart replies...

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eirlandes6 years ago
google yapper zapper. its a very cool mini cell phone jammer
DGW6 years ago
Why make one when you can buy a nice pocket sized jammer for just $42 and keep your personal space free of annoying cell-blabbers. Look here:

Just switch to AT&T. That's almost as good as carrying around a jammer, and legal too. You'll never be plagued by reliable coverage again.
kelseymh7 years ago
Let us know how much your spam-level increases now that you've put your e-mail address on a public Web site.
Re-design7 years ago
We'd rather not tell you how to break a Federal law. And since you don't say what you location is I'll assume that you are in a country that has communication laws against having or using a cell phone jammer.