Help me step down AC voltage without a transformer?

Hi again.
Well, the title explains everything. The goal is to make a 65W power supply the simplest way. I have capacitors and diodes, and I'll desolder other components if necessary.
Just, if someone can give me instructions and detailing a little bit.
May be you can post some schematics or useful links.
I've already created the circuit schematic but I would like to see yours first. I will post mine later but it doesn't include the values of the components and maybe it contains some errors. It was enough hard for me to draw it. I'm no professional afterall!

thigiru9 months ago

you can make a step down without a transformer. I will upload a diagram for you in my main website; emmih.com in 2 days.

iceng1 year ago

How Safe do want the supply ?

ajacas1 year ago

Try to check the following link


Dumb question:  Would it be cheating to just buy a power supply with the specs you want?

This one looks nice:

That link should be pointing towards an eBay listing for a black brick-shaped power converter that takes mains power,at 110-240 VAC,  47-63Hz, and outputs regulated voltage at 19.5 VDC, at a maximum current draw of 6.7A,  I mean according to the little numbers printed on it.