Help me translate this how-to?

I found this how-to on a different website, and I really wanna try it, it's just that the instructions are kinda confusing. It's about how to resew a tshirt. I start to get lost around step 4, and then I'm completely lost thru the end. Could someone reword it for me? Thanks!

lemonie8 years ago
You see how it's been cut in image 3? That's the main part of making it smaller, they used a smaller T-shirt to get the size wanted (image 2). The sides eventually get sewn up where they were cut as in image 3 For the sleeves (too long), they've slid them underneath to pencil a new shorter length. Then cut a bit wide of this for the seam. Then they've sewn it back together. L
shinyegg (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Thanks... still a a bit hazy... I thought that's what it meant, but I wasn't sure. Why couldn't you just cut off the sleeve in the shape you want in the first place?
It's written for people who do sewing and have enough knowledge that this is obvious to them (that doesn't include me). You could cut the sleeves to size first, they decided it best to size them up against the shirt they're modifying, but it shouldn't make any difference if it's cut right. L
frollard8 years ago
It is ambiguous - basically it means "guess" from that point forward :S