Help needed! Making a face for a custom action figure

I've been working on an action figure set based on my family & friends for Christmas.  I have the bodies made and they look alright.  I've got some accessories planned if I have time.

I am having trouble getting the face to look decent.  I don't have a lot of sculpting experience, but I've been doing alright so far.  I don't need them to be photo-realistic or anything.  But I do want them to at least resemble the person.

Do you have any ideas, tips, or websites that can help me out?

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Use a generic doll face/head as a template.  Most of the identifying features will come from the skin color, eye color, and hair which are easily changed with paint/dye/fake hair and scissors.
Ditto. Also, think in terms of caricature. Focus on the features that are out of the ordinary for each person, and then exaggerate them a bit.
Use some discretion when it comes to caricature and Christmas.  :-P
skittlespider (author)  AngryRedhead8 years ago
Thanks for the advice.  I've gotten one head done and will try to get the other 4 tomorrow.

Also I downsized my figures too.  Working on a smaller scale is not as intimidating, and seems much easier.
skittlespider (author) 7 years ago
For anyone that is interested, I finished the projects that this question was meant for.  They can be found below:
Dr. Mario statue and homemade action figures

Thank you for all your help!