Help needed on wiring with a 3position toggle switch?

Hi I'm trying to create a circuit using a 3position toggle switch with the centre position being off, it's to control 2sets of light.
basically I got some mini rally lights for my car, in one position on the switch I want the outside lights to come on and then in the other position I want all 4lights to come on. Can some one help me out on how to achieve this?? I have attached a photo of some lights in the same position ill be having mine set out.

Picture of Help needed on wiring with a 3position toggle switch?
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Burf5 years ago
Depends on the type of toggle; On-Off-ON or Off-On-ON. I've attached a drawing for each. The black line is negative and the red,blue,green and yellow are positive.

Del2012 (author)  Burf5 years ago
With the lights it has a single wire for each set coming off the relay, so what do I do?? Sorry if I'm being a pain and the relay takes its own power source straight from the battery
TWO relays.
I keep looking at this and I don't think it works, at least not without a diode.
Del2012 (author)  Burf5 years ago
This is what it says on the wiring loom
You need TWO relays, treat the coils like the lamps here. Also you need a diode.
car lights.jpg