Help on stepper motor types and related driver chips?

I have a pair of stepper motors, one with 4 wires(brown, black, yellow, orange) and the other with 5(black, brown, yellow red, orange) they are both from a printer and I want to be able to use them with Mach3 via the parallel port, what chips might I need to use to do this?

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AndyGadget7 years ago
The L293D is commonly used for this.  It's an H-bridge chip which allows you to reverse the polarity through the windings whereas the ULN2003 doesn't and is more suitable for the 5 wire type.
Both these chips only do the power switching - You'll need to generate the control waveforms in software.
HERE'S the datasheet for the motor in the photo.
The Ideanator (author)  AndyGadget7 years ago
The problem with that datasheet is there is no pinout to help me.
Put a resistance meter across the wires.  There will be two separate coils in there.  Connect one coil across one half of the H-bridge and the other to the other half.  Direction is a matter of trial and error but just reverse the pulse train to reverse the motor.
squirt85007 years ago
 The ULN2003A chip is a chip that I have used, I would take a look at this
instructable on driving stepper motors