Help train my dog?

My Mom is looking for help training our 5-year-old schnoodle

  • our dog barks and won't stop when people visit or walk past our house
(visitors are rewarding bad behaviour)

  • she now barks and snaps at dogs she has previously associated with

Does anyone know anything we could try? Thanks.

jtp1398 years ago
have you tried the citris no bark collar? it sprays when they bark and the dog doesn't like the smell. i've never tried it personally but know someone who has used it successfully.
threecheersfornick (author)  jtp1398 years ago
This is a good suggestion. We had one that squirted air, but it began to leak. The problem was, as soon as it was put on the collar, she does a "test bark" to see if it's turned on, and if it isn't, barks like normal, and if it is, barks just under the volume necessary to get sprayed. Thanks for the help, though!
Haha, smart dog :)
snickdog8 years ago
Check out clicker training. It's really easy to use a 'paired' cue to teach bark, then quiet (you can't teach a dog what 'quiet' without teaching what bark means)...