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I have a Pic searched what i could any one know its an LCD 20 pin cant find pinouts

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You can find the manufacturer here
yur funny...
Nman1205 years ago
I have the same LCD with the same circumstances but from my probing I found that:
pin 1~ GND
pin 16&17~ V- for the back light
pin18~ NC (pin space between back light +&-)
pin~19&20~ V+ for back light

I have a seeking suspicion that pin 2 is the LCD power and that the other pins follow a standard LCD module pin-out
Pin 1&2 are ground
Pin 19&20 are Vcc, 5 to 27v
Pin 3to10 should go strait to the chip, a binary counter should tell you what they do.
Pin 11to18 should be functions.
I could tell you more with a better PIC.
MACKattacksnipe (author) 6 years ago
full front and back photos
if i do remember correctly i took it out of an Old Credit car machine thing
That strongly suggests it was a one time special mass manufacture for this
one purpose only.
We will probably never see its like in a future products again.
MACKattacksnipe (author)  iceng6 years ago
probably right easier to order one from adafruit
If it is a device that has to do with communication, look for the FCC # and then go here.
kevinhannan6 years ago
the pc078pyl identity is the name of the chip and apparently there may be several manufacturers, check:

I think the 02 at the end is becuase it is now the 2nd version.

I have no idea how to match a logo across a world full of corporate logos, but I did several searches for the pinouts based on that chip - all to no avail.
iceng6 years ago
There are only a few mfgs of 20 pin LCDisplays.
Is it feeding a Hitachi chip on the other side ?
Or is it direct from the Taiwan black blob ?
What will you do with the pinout once you have it ?

MACKattacksnipe (author)  iceng6 years ago
MACKattacksnipe (author) 6 years ago
Black blob i need pin out
lemonie6 years ago

Why is the manufacturer's name important to you?

Goodhart6 years ago
Is it one of those liste At this site?