Help with installing MAC OS X 10.5?

I want to try and put 10.5 on my something-year-old powermac G4.
The problem is, it only recognizes 350 mhz of processor power, when I really have
1.250 Ghz. The extra 900MHZ is from a Motorola one, and 10.5 doesn't seem to work with it.

Anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

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lemonie7 years ago
Mac OS says "your machine is too crappy I'm not going to waste your time with this, buy a better Mac"? I really hate Mac for this sort of "I know better than you" attitude...
Has the thing been fiddled-with/overclocked in any way, and have you tried any Mac forums for this problem?

Bartboy (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I've looked around, but found no solution.
And you're right, the processor is about 4 times more powerful than the one it had. It used to run 10.1, I think.
lemonie Bartboy7 years ago
I suppose it's something that you can upgrade the processor that far. Could OSX be taking it's cues from 10.5 - does it still reject on a totally-clean, scrubbed disk with no trace of 10.5?

Joe Martin7 years ago
Could the processor upgrade be 3rd party and not original Apple?

If so I imagine that could be a problem, also I assume you have at least the required 512mb of RAM for 10.5. 
Bartboy (author)  Joe Martin7 years ago
"The extra 900MHZ is from a Motorola one"

Motorola isn't exactly "3rd party".

Yeah, I have over 1 GB of RAM.
Sorry, It was just at a guess.
Bartboy (author)  Joe Martin7 years ago
That probably would have been the most likely thing, and I'm pretty sure that the problem IS that I have a Motorola processor, but there must be some work-around.
I've been searching on Google for a while and I have come up with that quite a few people have had problems with installing leopard without the original processor, sadly though no one seems to have posted any form solution.

I can understand how fustrating it is with the "older-ish" macs; I have a few and have nothing but problems :)

Good luck anyway, haha! =D

gmjhowe7 years ago
 Short of searching the internet for a plug in that will work with the motorola one. Other than that, I am at a loss. It might be that you can find an alternative with the support for 10.5.

Further from that, you could sell the G4, and maybe buy a slightly newer apple, perhaps one of the newer G4 mirror doors, I always liked those.
Bartboy (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
I searched for about ten minutes, then gave up.
Any ideas where to search?