Help with making an electromagnet

It’s not as simple as it sounds I need to make it pick up things ( screws maybe screwdriver)and I need to be able to hide it somehow under my sleeve so I can trick people in to thinking I have magical powers.

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It's true that you can get some powerful permanent magnets, but if you want to turn one on and off, you need an electromagnet. There are instructions at<br />Wrap lots of fine enameled wire, maybe 100 feet or 30 m around a nail. Use a good battery and switch. Electromagnets drain batteries pretty fast.<br /><br />The trouble is, they only work over an inch or a couple of cm unless they are much larger than you can hide up your sleeve.<br /><br />
Electromagnets can also heat up pretty fast, if you've got one which is carrying a lot of current.

Depending on the effect you want, the magnet may not need to be switchable. As  I say, you may want to do a bit of research on what the pros are using.
lemonie8 years ago
Just get a magnet. Have a good poke around 2nd hand shops (cheap-junk vendors) - look for those old 80's "magnetic sculptures", I got one dirt-cheap last week.

These days you can get permanant magnets FAR more powerful for their weight than any reasonable electromagnet will be. Get to a good magic supply store and they'll have some very interesting effects based on these.
Oh aye, you can order variety-packs off the internet. (URL not needed, easy enough to find)