Help with video files on a Samsung Tocco Lite (Star)?

I have a Samsung Tocco Lite mobile phone. (also called the Samsung Star) I'm having problems getting videos from my PC onto my phone. When the file is transferred and I try to watch the Video it says Unsupported format or Bit-Rate Over, I have tried MP4, 3gp and AVI and always the same error message. Does anyone where I'm going wrong? Or does anyone know of a video converter that will make my videos compatible?

Thank you, help very much appreiciated.

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meelisboy7 years ago
i have the phone too....

use Xmedia Recode:

select samsung s5230 and convert.
helloo i really need help with the link you gave ... i have download it and added all the details e.g. the format and others but i don't know what i have to do after that???
thank you so much meelisboy:) you have made my christmas! bought my 12 year old son a tocco lite phone,and a micro sd card from maplins(£10) thinking i could put films on for him, but after many converters i tried, none of them worked for me! but lucky for me i found your post and now my son has many films he can watch (christmas day onwards)thank you so much 10/10
i tried this & although my pc told me it wasnt do-able i clicked "yes to all" & it did wot it said on the tin it ended up as quicktime mpeg 4, xlnt & quick to boot thanx a lot m8 much appreciated
TomasYoung6 years ago
Your problem is that you use a player does not support video or audio codec of your phone videos.
First update your media player.
If you want convert your videos use video converter;contentBody;1d
and convert the files to avi with h.264 video codec which is the most common.
Burf7 years ago
I had a similar problem with my wife's mobile (not a Samsung)  and after exhaustive research on the net, I discovered I was trying to use the wrong screen resolution. I can't say that's what is wrong with yours, but it's probably worth looking into.
filmacu Burf7 years ago
It took me a while to find out the best settings to use on the Tocco lite. So here they are, by the way if you use a Mac then the best programme to use is MPEG Streamclip. This programme is free ware. If your a PC user then ... sorry can't help, you will need to find an application that lets you export video to the following settings:

You need to export your video as MPEG4 using H.264 compression, the critical setting is the dimensions use 320x240 or 320x144 Anything bigger than 320 cause a bit error rate. Usually you can get away with auto bit rate, but if you still get an error re-encode with a maximum bit rate of 800Kbs.

All the best

frollard7 years ago
Google the specifications for your phone if it doesnt say in the instructions what formats and bitrates it will play.

The media format (avi, mpg, mp4, etc) is the container and codec of the video - it says what 'language' the video is saved in

The bitrate is how high quality it is - more bits per second, higher quality.  Too many bits, the phone cant keep up.

Once you find out what video does work - and it will be crap quality because its a phone not a movie player - then you need to convert the videos you have to a format that is acceptable.  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PAY FOR A VIDEO CONVERTER.  There are plenty of free full-feature converters, and plenty of spyware/adware/nagware spam bs that try to get you to pay.