Hero Images?

One thing that I like the most in instructables site is the amazing hero images at contest section.
Can you make a tutorial of how to make images like that?

Picture of Hero Images?
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Jack A Lopez4 months ago

Do you mean that image from the old Heroes and Villains contest?



It kind of looks like some silhouettes drawn in black, with squinty eye shapes drawn in white, with stylized "H" and "V" on the chests of the "hero" and "villain" respectively.

Anyone here know who drew that image?

GhazInstruct (author)  Jack A Lopez4 months ago

By hero images Ι mean these header images that I attached!

I am sorry but I knew that these kind of header images are called "Hero Images"

and are the new trend of internet. I don't know if I am wrong or right.

You've got it right, and I, at first, was getting it wrong. It turns out, the phrase "hero image" is real jargon in the field of web design, e.g.


I probably should not have said anything for this question.

I think he means more generally the header images, of which the hero and villain contest one is but not just that one specifically.

So all the contest header images are "hero images"?

Is "hero" a synonym for "header"?

I dunno. I guess if you and OP are speaking the same language, I should just stay out of it.

It's not an exact usage of "hero (noun)" I've heard before but it's sort of like a "hero" prop. ie There are several versions of Thor's hammer when they shoot Avengers but the one that's in all the close ups and promo images, because it's the one that looks the best, is called the "hero". In this case the fancy header image is sort of like the hero standing triumphant on the roof of a building while the rest of the skyline is gleaming in a brilliant sunset around them. It's fancy and eye catching.

I'm not sure if agree with this implementation of phrase but I'm 99% sure that's what s/he means, mainly because they used two examples that weren't the H&V contest and never mentioned it.

I think I get it now. Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me.

bwrussell4 months ago

It's fairly basic graphic design. It should be pretty easy to find a ton of tutorials, if not here then all over google.

On the technical level it's a number of assets (text, images, drawings, etc) and techniques (coloring, layering, masking, etc) all combined using a piece of software like Photoshop, maybe Illustrator, or one of the many free alternatives.

On the skill/talent side you need to apply an understanding of things like space (free and filled), weight and direction, readability, etc.

And perhaps most importantly make sure you're not impinging any copyright licenses because you may design the coolest header ever but it doesn't really do you any good if you're forced to take it down over a copyright violation.