Hey Guys,I need some help making a project for school

It needs to have at least 1 555 Timer within it. I was thinking of building a jacobs ladder with a 555 timer or if i could get it working perhaps a sonic pulse generator. Want something interesting and that won't take more then 7 weeks to build. Would it be possible to make a Cree Light and mod it to turn off after X amount of time? I'm just struggling to find idea's as our projects must be able to run off a 12V Battery or less and we cannot make anything dangerous. IE Rocket Launch Controller etc.... Thanks

haooken8 years ago
Third for the theramin. Best of luck on whatever you decide!
purduecer8 years ago
If you're a video-game fellow, the Guitar Hero Hyper Whammy Bar is probably one of my favorite 555 Timer hacks.
UziMonkey9 years ago
I like using the 555 to make interesting sounds. You could make some kind of musical instrument using either a number of resistors of different values to control the charge/discharge times of the capacitor and make a piano-type instrument. Or, you can use some kind of potentiometer of photo-resistor to make a theramin kind of instrument.
I was going to suggest a theremin, too. Or, an IR rangefinder that raises pitch when you get too close to a wall.