Hey, does anyone know how to make a good tripwire trap/ rig up?

does anybody know how to make a good tripwire trap, or like how to rig one up?

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Fishing line and/or 2 posts. or just tape to sides

PKTraceur8 years ago
See below for a schematic for a Nichrome detonator tripwire. You could also use a laser diode and a photocell.
naruto 777 (author)  PKTraceur8 years ago
my dad is an electronics tecnition and he knows how to read these kinds of diagrams, thing is though, he never taught me, and well frankly it dosent make sence.
Ask him to read it for you. Heck, even ask him to get the parts. Or, take the long and most helpful way, make him teach you to read schematics.
naruto 777 (author)  PKTraceur8 years ago
i was also thinking, could you use a version of this for like laser tag? i was just wondering because i was thinking of making my own laser tag guns and stuff
I'm also interested in making my own laser tag set, and the idea seems like it might work. Maybe we could do a collab?
naruto 777 (author)  PKTraceur8 years ago
sounds like a good idea to me
What would you activate with the photocell though? -PKT
naruto 777 (author)  PKTraceur8 years ago
ok well idk if this will help, but i found out that most laser tag sets you can buy online use the same "lasers" a TV remote uses, the only problem with them is that they travel slow and you cant see them....
naruto 777 (author)  PKTraceur8 years ago
idk, i'll do some reaserch
Kiteman8 years ago
What, like these?

Or these?
naruto 777 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
I didnt really se anything i would use but thanks. I'm kinda looking for like an easy smoke bomb rig or something along those lines.