Hey guys im building a some what large rc tank and have some issues with it?

Hey guys im building a some what large rc tank and have two power window motors for the driving force. I was wondering if these motors  would work with this motor controller. Thanks in advance for any help

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iceng6 years ago
Here is a motor controller that can run one or both those window units.
And here is the page.

P.S.  HDD Motors are 3 phase Stepper motors where speed is controlled by pulse rate. 
Changing voltage does Not change speed only changes Torque.
zack2476 years ago
theoretically it could work.
the motors should supply enough torque to move the tank, but one thing the people talking about current is the fact that you could use relays to control the motors.

how exactly you would im not entirely sure, but it very well could work.
I got a "404" type of error trying to go to the motor link.

You'll have to update the link so we can get some motor specs to judge how well the speed controller will work with it.

The controller can only be used with permanent magnet DC motors.

The speed controller is good for only 3A per channel, so your motors should be chosen such that they draw no more than that under their maximum load. No surge current specs were given either, but keep in mind any PM DC motor will draw a large current surge when power is first applied.

There were few other specs for the speed controller, including no max voltage. The voltage needed by your motors must be less than whatever the max voltage capability of the controller is.

updated the link
Yea... but no running current or stall current rating ( Free Shipping though ).
Remember the current ratings on those that were available were more then
the controller could operate.

iceng6 years ago
Took a look at hobby power window motor currents and they start at 3.1 ADC per
motor and 29 ADC at stall. Too much load for your toy controller. Sorry !