Hey i get extremely bored ...what do i do when i only have pen and paper?

Hi i have PROBLEMS sleeping...so i get extremely bored how can i prevent from getting this bored

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blkhawk7 years ago
Great minds like yours use these restless periods in a productive way:

You could draw or write a story, novel, memoirs, diary, a letter to the newspaper editor or  to your congressman, create computer code.

Rene Descartes used to make complex calculations to forget his throbbing migraines. With some ingenuity you can also be productive with your time.
kctrooper (author)  blkhawk7 years ago
I dont know how to create computer code can you send me some LINKS on how to make easy code
Re-design7 years ago
Suicide note ?
orksecurity7 years ago
Sketch. Draw mazes. Doodle.
rickharris7 years ago
Draw ideas - who knows one may turn out to be the next wiziwig scheme.

You are seriously board if you need others to resolve you sleeplessness.

Work out why your not sleeping. Try getting more exercise before bed.

lizzyastro7 years ago
Draw pictures, cartoons, circuit diagrams.
Make notes for new instructables
Plan your day for tomorrow
Draw sheep and then count them
Write your next shopping list
Make a list of all the people you should send Christmas cards to