Hey, i'm doing a school project that is a reuseable energy... i can not use batteries, or solar cell's.Any Idea's?

Hey, so i'm doing a school project that is a reuseable energy, i need help with idea's... i can not use batteries, or solar cell's.Any Idea's? Need Help ASAP Please....

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ilpug6 years ago
Make a small turbine that can be modified to use wind or air power.
R.A.T.M6 years ago
how much money do u have to spend
iceng6 years ago
I consult a company in Nevada making a flashlight with super capacitors in series over 30 VDC that store enough energy CV*V to power a brilliant LED
flash light with six hours of continuous use for the military ( NO Battery ).
When discharged it is recharged for another use by man or machine.
Depending on capacitor quality the storage can be a few months to a year.

steev2_hovey (author)  iceng6 years ago
and how would you make that?
SLAP 12 ULTRA CAPACITORS 2.8VDC 3000F in series and you get a equivalent single capacitor of 250 Farads at 33.6VDC
Then use a LN317 regulator wired as a constant current source 20ma to power
3 white bright LEDs also in series add a button switch.
Now you have a capacitor flashlight that should illuminate for a long time.

When it discharges just apply a 33.5VDC power supply for 3 minutes to
charge the capacitors and it is ready to use again and again.
If you want more energy add another 12 string of ultra capacitors in parallel
with the first string and double the duration.of the flash light.

steev2_hovey (author) 6 years ago
Basically looking at something easy :/
Re-design6 years ago
Every time I go to the gym I see all these people pedaling, walking on treadmills, rowing etc. and I've often wondered how much energy could be generated by all this effort if we were turning generators instead of friction wheels.

There are several systems that bike riders can exercise in bad weather where they put their road bike in a frame and the back wheel turns a small generator and you dial the resistance you want.  That energy is turned into heat by running it thru a resistor. 
rickharris6 years ago
Simple DC motor and a winding handle will produce electricity.
Kiteman6 years ago
I keep meaning to make a model version of Voith's "Limpet" system.  Even if you're nowhere near the sea, you should be able to come up with a demo model that works in a sink.

Or how about biogas

Or a small gasification system?

Of make it locally-relevant - if you live in a rural area, use crop waste as fuel for a boiler (or in a gasifier as above).  If there's a sport stadium near, why not make people generate electricity when they push through the turnstiles?

Children could generate electricity as they play with the equipment in a playground.

Exercise your dog in a giant hamster wheel, connected to a generator.

What about generating electricity with your shoes?

There is only one limit to your success in this project - your imagination.

Burf6 years ago
I take it you mean renewable energy; things like windmills, waterwheels, solar heat, geothermal heat, etc.
Your problem is going to be storing the energy if you can't use batteries. You could convert it to some form of storable energy such as a coil spring or heat something of that nature and convert it into another form at a later time.