Hi I am wondering what I should put in my locker, any hints? If so, please help!!!

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jj.inc6 years ago
A box of pencils, a pack of 150 sheets of lined paper, a photo of your friends so you don't forget who they are jk, a notepad or whiteboard or something so you don't have to write on your hand in sharpie like me, lotion, chapstick, a pair of pliers (I am not kidding I use mine all the time), and BAND-AIDS
GGgiraffe (author)  jj.inc6 years ago
Thanks, what do you use your pliers for?
Oh yeah, and also a small bag of spare dry clothes for the day you get soaked by a passing rainstorm or caught in a food-fight cross-fire.
In addition to all of the other good suggestions, emergency snacks with a long shelf life (granola bars, jerky, or pop-top ravioli) and $5 emergency cash stashed in a dirty gym sock. Nobody will notice the sock when you have your locker open and if it does get broken into, who would steal an old sock?
Kiteman6 years ago
We demand a fully-illustrated Instructable!
Um... I decided to delete that post after thinking about it a little bit, after I realized there could be some potential for abuse there. Like what would happen if that were done to a locker with someone's still inside? I mean it's probably been thought of, and also done before, but I shouldn't be promulgating ideas like that.   I apologize if this sounds weak, to post something like that, then un-post it.  I can't be strong all the time.
GGgiraffe (author)  Jack A Lopez6 years ago
Thanks for removing that.
I would imagine it has been done to real lockers several times - it's the life-style part ("move on, don't look back") that would have made it a great project.
Erm.. someone's stuff, possessions, still inside the locker.  Someone, like a person, that would be bad too.  Must be slipping with my editing.  This is all I have to say about this topic.
caarntedd6 years ago
A nerd.
GGgiraffe (author)  caarntedd6 years ago
Tee Hee I am not a bully! Very funny though
kevinhannan6 years ago
contraband ;-)
frollard6 years ago
Good things to have:
Whiteboard/Calandar/Mirror on door

Additional shelving can be really helpful.

Deodorizer if you store clothes/stank.

Nail clippers are a must. You never know.