Hi, I want to have a college class make cardboard animals by using halved joinery. Anybody know of some image sources?

I want to make sculptures from flat pieces of cardboard using minimal glue. I want to use halved joints where you cut two pieces and slide them together so they make a grid. Hard to explain. I'm looking for samples of doing that or of things made of cardboard

smkoberg8 years ago
If I'm thinking about the right concept, have them study those 3D dinosaur skeletal puzzles for ideas.
I found a forum a while back that had plans for DIY puzzles, but I can't remember what it was called or how I found it.

They had plans freely available for download etc.

lemonie8 years ago
It's not really that hard, are you asking for templates?
You could search the internet, or search Instructables.
I suggest these because I expect that anyone else who would give an answer to this question would do the same.