Hi I wanted to make a tv stand from MDF and need some help Ill list spec in details. Sorry for the bad spelling.?

Ok so the tv stand i would like to make will be

Top & bottom surface :

24" from the wall
48" long

middle surface :

24" from the wall 
36" long 

total unit from width length hight :

24" from the wall
48" along the wall

Now what I am not shear of is how to support it so it doe sent brake under weight. I am going to have  32 inch lcd tv on the left side and a ps3 one the right side ps2 in the middle  id like to have one or two shelves on the middle then a bottom but im also not shear if i should duble the mdf for one  surface one MDF board will be 3/4x24"x48" so im not shear if thats thick enuff for what i want

Sorry for the bad spelling and not knowing how to word this question im not good with english.

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Re-design7 years ago
Like orksecurity suggested I would like to have more details on your design. A 32" lcd tv isn't that heavy. But you should probably use 3/4" mdf. and 3/4" mdf won't span 48" and carry very much weight at all with out bowing. So you'll need to put a brace in the middle of the span so that it's right under the tv. A drawing of what you propose would be really nice.
Look at this stand. See how the vertical pieces divide up the space. But more importantly they divide up the span and brace the top. If you do something like this then your top won't bow even with a very heavy tv on top.
orksecurity7 years ago
You might want to post a more complete sketch of your design, since that really isn't enough information to let us offer much advice. 3/4" should be thick enough for most of this. The main concern I have is the wide shelf under the TV. MDF tends to sag if not supported -- so I would make sure you have at least one vertical piece under that stretch, to spread the weight. (Especially if you aren't going to use MDF that has been plastic-coated on both sides.) There are special screws intended for MDF They really do work better for this material. Advance warning: MDF is _heavy_ compared to real wood.
*and predrill EVERYTHING!!!
devilinops (author) 7 years ago
sorry im not at home right now when i get home ill up my design