Hi! My couch needs a face lift. Does anyone know of a cheap way of changing its colour? Apart from draping it?

My couch is Kermit-green. I would like to change it to something darker, like burgundy red. The only thing that occurs to me is to dye it. Is that possible? And cheap? I would be grateful for any suggestions (apart from setting fire to it, that is!) I will upload a picture to illustrate the problem. Thank you, anthill52

Picture of Hi! My couch needs a face lift. Does anyone know of a cheap way of changing its colour? Apart from draping it?
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You probably could dye it, though it depends on how the dye works, you'd need one that doesn't involve soaking the whole thing, unless you can remove the covers all over then dye it like clothes... You could get the fabric, cut to shape and staple gun, a lot of the time that's how the fabrics attached to the frame at the bottom, it'd work fine though getting the fabric the right shape can be a nuisance... You could buy a whole mess of sharpies, a few beers and go to town though...
anthill52 (author)  killerjackalope8 years ago
Hi Killer J, thanks for taking the time to think about this one. There doesn´t seem to be any cheap and easy way to do it though. Sharpies and beer is tempting, might turn it into a work of art ! Like psychedelic, man (if I subsitute something else for the beer, nudge, nudge). Thanks again. anthill
Check out both craft and sewing supply stores, fabric's not that expensive, also have a look in IKEA to see if they have any you like, if so it's cheap in there... Hmm, just not both... You'll end up with some interesting art in the wrong place, likely the walls...
NickGriffin8 years ago
I realised that the link to where to find the fabric dye was not on the vid link-so here it is (I hope I caught the right one) otherwise, google "spray on fabric dyes" lots of ideas there!
NickGriffin8 years ago
I have a similar problem-I think my solution will be found herehttp://www.simplyspray.com/images/video/VID_sofa_red.asf
Hope this might help anyone else looking for a way to deal with the ugly fabric syndrome!

I used similar spray fabric dye to rejuvenate the lamp shades in a Motel I helped manage-they were good quality shades, just a bit dingy, white, and were a magnet for fingerprints in such a public setting. A spot of colour matched or contrasting to the decor and a few dollars saved finding new lamps or shades for the existing ones!

Good luck!
I recommend reupholstering it, all you need is fabric and a staple gun.
Hello there Queen... etc., I think you´re right, I´m going to have to bite the bullet and just reupholster. What I was obviously hoping to avoid, but there you go, can´t win 'em all. Thanks for taking the time, Anthill
Wolf Seril8 years ago
If you really cant slipcover it (I assume "draping" is the same thing), you could try rit-dye. The easiest way would be to take the fabric off and dye it, but I've never seen a couch with removable fabric, so I doubt thats the case here. I've never heard of it being done, but you might be able to make a dye bath and paint it on with a brush (or maybe put it in a squirt bottle?). The only thing is, I'm guessing it would just soak through into the foam, and it would take so many coats it wouldn't even be worth it. It might work, though. Actually I really doubt it. But its an idea.
anthill52 (author)  Wolf Seril8 years ago
Hi there Wolf Seril, you sum it up pretty well in your last sentence ;-) but thanks for your time anyway, anthill