Hi has anyone got any plans for making feeders/drinkers for chickens. thanks?

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flamesbane8 years ago
A good way of making a drinker that keeps the mess down if you are keeping lots of chickens is to do the following, A large plastic water tight opaque tub with lid (a 5 gallon bucket with a lid from a farm supply store will probably be your best bet) Something to create a stand for the tub (concrete blocks if you have any lying around) A length of 1" diameter flexible hose (this should be long enough to go from your bucket to your actual drinker) 2 - 4 feet of 1" diameter PVC pipe Wire or hose clamps to attach the PVC pipe to the side wall of your coop. Appropriate fittings to: Cap one end of the PVC, connect the Flexible hose to the PVC, and connect the hose to the 5 gallon bucket. 3 - 6 chicken watering nibs, you can get these at a farm supply store You will also need a power drill, PVC cement, and something to cut the PVC and flexible hose. Take the 5 gallon bucket and place it out side your chicken coop on a stand made from concrete blocks or wood. Your 5 gallon bucket should be higher than the height of the actual drinker (which will be placed at chicken head high (18 - 28 inches). Connect the flexible hose the bottom of the bucket by drilling a hole through the bucket and cementing in an appropriate fitting. Run the hose inside your chicken coop. Drill appropriate size holes in the PVC pipe to accommodate the drinking nibs, and install and cement in place. Cap one of the PVC pipe, and connect the other to the hose, then attach the PVC to a wall in your chicken coop. Let the pipe cement cure. Your Done! Now fill the bucket with water, and let gravity feed the PVC pipe with the drinker nibs. Chickens peck the nibs to get water. Keep in mind that if weather in your area gets below freezing you will need to insulate the bucket, hose, and pipe and possibly get a water heater to keep the water from freezing in the lines. Connect the
I accidently forgot to put "Aquire the Following" before the list of supplies.
hott8 years ago
just make one
Melv (author) 8 years ago
thanks i will give it a go mel
janmcevoy8 years ago
When Ikept chickens - I don't anymore because I have too many foxes/badgers/mink etc where I am who all thought I'd bought them as their own fast food joint - I used old plastic or steel drums with holes punched around the bottom rim and a slightly larger saucer underneath to catch spillages. I then suspended them from the cross beams of their shed slightly higher than other pests like rats could reach. Of course, the wild birds still flew in and helped themselves ...