Hi is steampunk a movie?

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blkhawk5 years ago
Steampunk is a genre. Some movies could be classified as steampunk: Wild Wild West, The Golden Compass and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are examples of steampunk themed movies.
gurame2 years ago

watch fifty shades of grey http://goo.gl/dn2aYu

lemonie5 years ago
This looks like SPAM-gone-wrong.

monsterlego5 years ago
Steampunk is a theme/genre in the stye of WWI, used to make things look awesome! But you can probably find some steampunk movies, such as Wild wild west.
Hellboy? Van Helsing?
That too.
Re-design5 years ago

Steampunk is a style or scientific bent artform expressed in many ways.  The Wiki definition of steampunk is very explanatory.
iproberry15 years ago