Hi, my new ipod touch won't connect to my wireless

i get as far as entering the wireless password but when i enter it it continually says can not join anybody any ideas??

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bosco5405 years ago
Reset your router. Works every time!
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Oh, you can also find an unlocked wifi signal and enter no password! Simple as that!
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Is it your password that you know?
Mike736 years ago
If your iPod tells you it cannot join a network you saw in the wifi settings of the iPod, then your password is wrong. I had this happen before.
lemonie6 years ago

What "wireless"?
Have you configured it properly?

yokozuna6 years ago
Really, with that limited of information, you're only going to get basic ideas back: is your password case sensative? have you double checked it's trying to connect to your network? what's the signal strength? what's the exact error message? have you tried a power cycle on the router? what other troubleshooting have you done yourself?