Hidden Door/Bookcase

I have a "man cave", as my wife calls it. It's basically my office, with all the decorations she won't let me put in the rest of the house along with my Ammunition Reloading Bench....anyway, there is no door. The hallway opens right into it.  I have a curtain there now but I have always wanted a secret door. I have looked at all the "instructables" pertaining to the hidden door, however I can't figure out what kind of door is a good door or where the hinges go or if i should use a pre-existing bookcase...any suggestions?

marinecop1205 (author) 7 years ago
Yeah, I've decided to actually buy a legit bookcase, and then mount it to a Furniture Dolly, one that spins on a dime, I'm then going to mount steel hinges to the wall so that it can only swing one way. Thanks for the help!
You need to buy a very sturdy bookcase or reinforce the one you buy very well.  Moving it will cause lots of stress that it wasn't made to bear.

I design custom homes and have designed lots of hidden doors.  Usually they do not use wheels for support.  They are hung on full length piano hinges screwed in to the wall studs.
Start with some practical questions. How big ? How can it open ? Left, right, swivel around its axis ? How's the floor underneath ? Will it easily support the weight of a book case ?

Two doors ? How about a full length mirror, and a door behind that ?
orksecurity7 years ago
None beyond: read the instructables, websearch on "hidden door" and/or "secret door" to find other solutions including some commercial products, think about what you're capable of building and/or whether you want to pay someone else to deal with it... then recognize that DIY means being willing to experiment, so if you have to throw out a first attempt and try another solution that's OK.