Higgs boson?

Does science understand how the Higgs Boson gives other sub atomic particles mass? or is that the next question

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kelseymh5 years ago
Yes. The Higgs boson is a prediction from the mathematics of spontaneous symmetry breaking, as applied to the unified theory of electroweak interactions. I think there are enough keywords there for you find much better explanations than I could write here :-)
Wikipedia has a good overview.
jrh0655 years ago
I also like this cocktail party level explanation.

rickharris (author)  jrh0655 years ago
+1 jrh065
rickharris (author) 5 years ago
Nice comic explanation

rickharris (author) 5 years ago
Many thanks people - Science move on!
lemonie5 years ago
Yes people understand the theory, that is the interest in getting the proof.

canucksgirl5 years ago
According to what I read, "They were unsure if the particle was the long sought-after Higgs boson, of God particle, or something more "exotic". "The next step will be to determine the precise nature of the particle and its significance for our understanding of the universe"... "CERN said positive identification of the new particle's characteristics would take considerable time and data."
Re-design5 years ago
Boy you jumped on that one fast!