Any ideas for a small hoist to lift an air conditioner out of a window that is about 3 feet off the floor and lower it to the floor for transport to another room. It would be helpful if it was small enough to fold and fit in a VW trunk. It should have casters on the bottom.

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onrust6 years ago
Harbor Freight makes this Lift Table. I say get it onto the window, using the cart, and then move the cart inside.
emit (author)  onrust6 years ago
Now this is what we are thinking about. We are 71 and have a back problem. Will look into this.
onrust emit6 years ago
Ya gotta give it to Harbor Freight. As long as you know it's cheap crap...you OK!
Good luck
SeanValjean4 years ago
You need something that will be able to hoist a considerable amount of weight so I would definitely try to make some kind of hydrolic system to do that.
cmadson5 years ago
Steveastrouk and rickharris, you're hilarious. Do you guys even know what it means to hoist? hahaha
liamm13205 years ago
That's a great idea, we really want to hoist some stuff in some hard to reach spots to get it out of the way of the kids. Thanks for all the great answers.
coopercook5 years ago
But wouldn't it be better if you made hoist by using a pulley system? Because if you use a pulley system then it would be able to care and sustain more weight.
15rickjames5 years ago
That doesn't look like a hoist, but I also was wondering what would make the best home-made hoist. Any ideas??
sarveshk6 years ago
What first comes into my mind, is what rickharris said.

Alternatively you can use worm gear and linear gear to make an elevator.

You can even use one or two car jacks to elevate the load bay, instead of using gear and motor mechanism.
Re-design6 years ago
Two strong helpers and a six pack.
You can divide a six pack?
I have heard fables and anecdotes, so I believe the answer is yes, but I haven't seen it myself.
I assumed that when I suggested a six pack that it would be understood I meant a 6 pack per person. If you were putting on a roof you wouldn't share one hammer would you???
YOU might think a carton of icecream is an indivisible unit, but I know one amongst us who uses a carving knife to cleave it twain.
rickharris6 years ago
Block and rope should do it. build an A frame from some scaffolding, put the block at the top and sling a rope over it.

or manhandle it - it's only 3 feet high.

PS 2 6 packs if I do it.