Home made cap charger?

I need advice on how to make a capacitor charger. I know somebody is going to say camera charging circuit but i have one and it doesnt make the cut. I am planning on getting some transformers from wall bugs and old alarm clocks. but i need to know how to wire them and make them work with a DC input and an AC output. I need it to be at least 500 volts output

Re-design5 years ago
Google "voltage doubler" or "high voltage power supply schematic'

If you're charging a capacitor you want dc out not ac.

To get very high voltage from dc you need an oscillator or "chopper" that makes ac or choppy dc out of the pure dc from your battery.

Then the "ladder" of the voltage doubling circuit works to raise the voltage much higher.  In the end you end up with high voltage low amperage dc.
Kante Tech5 years ago
There is instructables on here about a mini tazer made from camera parts you can build off that in order to make the charger
budhaztm (author)  Kante Tech5 years ago
plus, i dont want to use a camera, i already have used 4 of them and they dont cut it
budhaztm (author)  Kante Tech5 years ago
im more looking for a direct explanation on how to make a charger, theres too many 'ibles on tazers to sort through them all