Homemade breast pump / milk pump?

Hello i want to induce lactation and I cant find good a breast pump at the right price does anyone have any idea how to build one please let me know I dont need an electrical one it could be manual does anyone have an idea what to use for the suction cups on the breasts? thank you

onrust7 years ago
The Department of Economic Services will give you one as well as vouchers for milk....... provided YOU are breast feeding.
Prfesser7 years ago
A plastic soda bottle top (500 mL through 3 L, depending on the size of the pumpee). Round the cut edges using the flame of a propane torch. Use the bulb from a turkey baster, it should fit smaller bottle tops.

Check with the local La Leche League!  They may be able to hook you up with someone who has a pump and no longer needs it.

Ebay has manual pumps for $10 or even less, plus shipping.  Definitely preferable to homemade.

Good luck!