Hosting a personal webpage?


I am looking into hosting my own website to act something a bit like the dropbox. I would like to have something where you have a login and then all of your files are there to access. 
I have hardly any knowledge of web hosting however I have my own server that runs windows 7 for game hosting etc.
I would like to get in to web hosting and any guidance will be greatly appriecated!



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SeanValjean4 years ago
I've looked into windows website hosting and I think it is a fair bet but I'd go with what that guy said about the google sites.
thegeeke5 years ago
How about looking into FTP. Is that what you are thinking?
oscarthompson (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
Not really, I've had a look into that before.
I would like to do it this way because I may start hosting my own website for a business and would like some experience in this sector.

Ahh... so you want to run your own web server on your own hardware?
oscarthompson (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
Yes, That would be ideal!
OK, you have a number of options. I personally use windows server 2008 because I got a license to use it for free through one of my old jobs, but for most people, that is too expensive for when they are starting out. Ubuntu server is free, and it will do your basic web hosting, so that's probably what I would recommend for you. (I assume you know how to do an operating system install... Right? It's the same thing as an operating system install, the only difference is that it's a server OS.)
oscarthompson (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
Is there not away I can do it under windows 7? I do know how to install an OS, but all my game hosting software is for windows and various there software I use with it.

Do a virtual server. Use virtual box to run your server OS. :)
oscarthompson (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
Yeah, I'll Have look into this.. Thanks for your help!
No problem! :)
rickharris5 years ago
Try Google sites - It's free. A search will guide you