Hotel Coffee. How can you make coffee at home that tastes like the coffee at high-end hotels?

It's strong and robust without being bitter

Z1ggy8 years ago
steal.... i mean borrow some coffee bags from said High end hotel.
mweston8 years ago
Try grinding your own coffee beans - it truly makes a huge difference. The type of coffee maker makes a difference too. One that just dribbles hot water through coffee grounds (called drip coffee) will not have that flavor of an espresso machine which pressurizes the grains and exposes the water to it for a much shorter time.

try this website:
use a dirty coffee maker and put it in the bathroom.
lemonie8 years ago
You need good fresh coffee. If you know a place that sells beans ask them for their opinions (they'll surely fresh-grind some for you and bag-it). Then you need a machine of sorts - that depends upon the type of coffee drink you want - ask them about that. L