House numbers?

I'm making mine into a keys holders as my neighbors is always loosing her keys

Picture of House numbers?
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mikeasaurus8 months ago

Looking good! I love solving problems like this :)

SissyB2 (author) 8 months ago
Here is the finished product, I cut up some pine prices of wood, I used old horse shoo nails for the hooks to hang the keyes on. I had a little trouble with the glue, all I could fond at the time was liquid nail. Finally found some wood glue and it worked allot better.

Love the finish you used, really adds depth to the piece. If you share a picture of your finished work in the Instructable for the House Numbers I'll give you a Pro Membership! :) THanks for sharing.

SissyB2 (author)  mikeasaurus6 months ago
I put horse shoe nails on instead of numbers as I already have numbers on my I made a key holder instead
SissyB2 (author) 8 months ago
Finish and hung on wall